A country to invest, work and live

In times of turbulence, Uruguay has managed to preserve stability thanks to its macroeconomic soundness, prudent policies, diversification of exports, strong banking sector, and extensive reserves. This adds to legal stability and the low level of corruption. Uruguay’s geostrategic position, infrastructure, and fiscal regime have enabled it to position itself as a hub of assets and services for the region by attracting companies that do not think of a market of just over 3 million but of the Southern Cone of 300 million.

Uruguay has been adding new benefits to a fiscal policy already traditionally focused on attracting investment. As an example, “taxacements” were extended to new tax residents instead of five to ten years.

Why invest in Uruguay?

  • Political and social stability.

  • Macroeconomic soundness. Uruguay has an investor degree.

  • Consolidated Democracy, Legal Security, Respect for the rules of the game.

  • Important incentives for foreign and domestic investment.

  • No restrictions on endowment of foreign capital in companies and transfer of profits abroad.

  • Favorable business climate

  • Single country-wide tax system

  • Free exchange market, with no restrictions on the purchase/sale of foreign currency

  • Logistics and technological infrastructure highlighted on the continent.

  • Greater Internet penetration and download speed in Latin America.

  • Bank and tax secrecy is only possible to be lifted by court order.

  • Competitive human capital in highly specialized services and development.

  • Quality of life.

What is Uruguay's legal framework for attracting investment?

While the legislation is profuse and in constant adequacy, we can mention four pillars of this legal structure to attract investment.

The Law of Free Ports that allows free transit of assets without formal requirements or formal formalities. Exempt of the payment of taxes, fees or import taxes. It is possible to carry out activities that add value, without modifying the nature of goods, and to re-export without taxation.

The Law of Free Zones where all taxes are exempted for industrialization, logistics and services. In Uruguay, these special economic areas enjoy customs and fiscal exceptions, as well as being excluded from the jurisdiction of state monopolies. This differs from most of the world’s Free Zones, where in general, only limited customs benefits and some tax exemptions are included.

The Temporary Admission Act that allows companies to import raw materials and inputs without paying import taxes to produce goods to be exported within 18 months.


Finally, there is the Investment Law that allows projects to obtain tax exemptions and special benefits for those who make investments in Uruguay.


This combination of factors makes Uruguay stronger to attract investors looking for more protected value chains.

At Carlos Picos Consultora, we provide local and foreign investors with the assistance they need to establish themselves in Uruguay and develop a prosperous business, managing the legal, tax and accounting fields so that you can have the peace of concentrating on the success of your business.