Uruguay leads the ranking of the best business climate in the region.

Clima de negocio en Amércia Latina

📝 The Getulio Vargas Foundation of Brazil, through the Brazilian Institute of Economics, published its Latin American Economic Survey for the second quarter of 2022, highlighting #Uruguay’s position as the country with the best Economic Climate in Latin America. 📊 The survey was carried out in the second quarter of 2022 among 145 experts in […]

Why Uruguay attracts investors?


In recent years, they represented 3% of GDP above the regional average. Argentina has remained the second investor with a participation of around 15%. Doubling the participation of countries such as Brazil and the United States. It is expected that this situation will continue or be strengthened by the great interest of Argentines in Uruguay. […]

Open a bank account

Opening a bank account in Uruguay is very easy and secure. At Carlos Picos Consultora, we offer you alternative bank accounts in the name of your company or personal in Uruguay and in other parts of the world such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, among others. Our firm is a reference in tax, legal and accounting […]