Family Law Services.

family law

Our legal specialists have the suitability and experience to advise you on the various complexities of Family Law. Both nationally and internationally. As its name says, Family Law is the set of legal rules that regulate matters involving family members. This branch of law falls within the scope of Civil Law, which regulates the main […]

Services in Labor Law in Uruguay

Derecho Laboral Uruguay

If you are planning to establish or solve Labor Relations in Uruguay, you will need to ensure the correct application of Uruguayan labor legislation. This will involve securing the services of an attorney you trust. The work carried out by the professionals of Carlos Picos Consultora in the discipline of Labor Law has led our […]

Advantages of establishing a SAS in Uruguay.

Opening an enterprise

The SAS (Simplified Stock Companies) in Uruguay is a very good option for entrepreneurs or for foreigners who decide to set up their business in the country. It is a flexible corporate structure that facilitates the business startup process. Simplified Stock Companies, have characteristics of simpler structures such as Unipersonal and Limited Liability Companies that […]

Opening of companies in Uruguay.

Constitución de sociedades comerciales

At Carlos Picos Consultora we are specialists in the creation and administration of Uruguayan Companies. Uruguayan Companies can be acquired by residents and non-residents, generating important advantages since Uruguay applies the Principle of Territoriality of the Source, so that the activity generated abroad and the profits obtained are not taxed in any way. The Uruguayan […]

Why Uruguay attracts investors?


In recent years, they represented 3% of GDP above the regional average. Argentina has remained the second investor with a participation of around 15%. Doubling the participation of countries such as Brazil and the United States. It is expected that this situation will continue or be strengthened by the great interest of Argentines in Uruguay. […]

Sole Proprietorship

If you need to create or manage your sole proprietorship in Uruguay, our team can help you. We manage all the procedures easily and quickly. We take care of the whole process, we will guide you and accompany you at all stages. Our team of accountants and lawyers has the most extensive experience in tax, […]

Services of Carlos Picos Consultora

In Carlos Picos Consultora we have a team of professionals specialized in legal, tax and tax matters, with vast experience and knowledge in each subject. This allows us to integrate a variety of services with the highest safety and quality standards, complying with professional standards and applicable legal requirements. Our main services are the following: […]

Accounting Services in Argentina

The Accounting Department of Carlos Picos Argentina has a highly qualified team that provides the following services for local and foreign companies: Accounting Services for natural persons and legal entity Analysis and settlement of taxes (Earnings, Personal Assets, Gross Income) Attention to inspections Advice and development of tax ease of payment schemes Registration, advice and […]

Tax and Fiscal Advice in Argentina

In Carlos Picos Argentina we have a prestigious team of professionals specialized in tax and fiscal advice in Argentina, with vast experience and knowledge in the field, which allows us to provide agile and comprehensive advice, both at the business and individual level. In order to keep us permanently updated on current regulatory and regulatory […]

What are the advantages of settling in a Free Trade Zone?

Why settle in Zona Franca? There is a special system for setting up and operating user companies with a free zone which is more beneficial than the common system. What are the benefits of investing in a Free Trade Zone? It allows commercial, industrial, and service activities. It grants significant tax exemptions. Logistic hub in […]