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Our legal specialists have the suitability and experience to advise you on the various complexities of Family Law. Both nationally and internationally.

As its name says, Family Law is the set of legal rules that regulate matters involving family members. This branch of law falls within the scope of Civil Law, which regulates the main aspects of this specialty, and is complemented by a series of specific laws that have been promulgated to adapt the regulation of this area to social reality.

Regulates situations related to personal and patrimonial relations between members of a family. Develops and applies regulations on different aspects, such as divorce, matters related to common-law union, property regimes, tenure, alimony, visits, successions, etc.

The ties by consanguinity and affinity are the main generators of legal rights over the patrimony of a person, but with certain particularities… The deep understanding of these aspects allows the correct approach and management of each case.

Inheritance Law is the branch that regulates the personal and patrimonial relations of people who die or are absent for 4 years and have a judicial sentence that certifies the declaration of absence, which will generate incidents on their heirs, as established by the will in accordance with what is determined by law. This also applies to foreigners or nationals who die in national territory or outside of it but who own assets located in Uruguay.

When this fact occurs, to make an inheritance effective and acquire the assets that a person left by the will, it is necessary to open the succession. The rights transferred will be assigned in accordance with the provisions of the will, without prejudice to existing compulsory assignments. If there is no will, the Civil Code establishes that the provisions of its rules will govern, assigning the beneficiaries of the inheritance based on an order of appeal based on kinship ties.

The Legal Department of Carlos Picos Consultora accompanies and advises them in all the stages of the process that they require, also specializing in the legal aspects that derive from cross-border rights and obligations related to Family and Inheritance Law.

Among the various topics addressed are the following:

  • successions
  • custody of minors
  • divorces
  • Recognition of common-law union
  • Alimony
  • Visiting schedule
  • Recognition and Dissolution of common-law unions.
  • Patrimonial regime of the Marriage
  • Gender violence.
  • Carlos Picos Consultora’s team of legal experts is at your disposal to deepen this information through a videoconference.

The legal consultation, with our professionals, will cost $1500 plus VAT. Said amount will be subsidized from the final price of the services to be contracted.

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