What are the advantages of settling in a Free Trade Zone?

Why settle in Zona Franca? There is a special system for setting up and operating user companies with a free zone which is more beneficial than the common system. What are the benefits of investing in a Free Trade Zone? It allows commercial, industrial, and service activities. It grants significant tax exemptions. Logistic hub in […]

Open a bank account

Opening a bank account in Uruguay is very easy and secure. At Carlos Picos Consultora, we offer you alternative bank accounts in the name of your company or personal in Uruguay and in other parts of the world such as Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, among others. Our firm is a reference in tax, legal and accounting […]

Why should I hire a tax advisor?

The impact of taxation on the costs and profits of companies is undeniable. The decisions constantly made by companies have a tax impact, so the analysis and management of these aspects must have a primary role in business management. In practice right behind a great idea for a business comes the need for tax advice. […]

Payment of Salary and Payroll

At Carlos Picos Consultora, a dedicated and specialized team, supported by appropriate technological tools, provides the peace of mind to our clients of having a comprehensive pay and payroll management process. We strive to maximize the efficiency of our clients, minimizing risks, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with labour regulations. We provide the necessary information and […]

Legal Services

Carlos Picos Consultora’s Legal Department has a highly qualified team of lawyers and professionals, who provide a highly specialized and personalized service, both at the corporate level and in personal situations involving entrepreneurs, managers, and company managers. Civil law Civil associations and foundations. Consumer protection, complaints, claims against suppliers. Protection of personal data Legal Dispute […]

Tax Services

In Carlos Picos Consultora we have a prestigious team of professionals specialized in tax matters, with vast experience and knowledge in the field, which allows us to provide agile advice, from a broad, integrated and deep vision of the various particular realities of our clients, from the business and individual point of view. In order […]

VAT refund for business trips

Through SmarTAX – Save on your business trips – we manage the recovery and subsequent reimbursement of VAT for expenses incurred in different countries of the European Union and others around the world. Carlos Picos Consultora, through different alliances in the world, has developed a pioneering service in Uruguay, through which we manage, for the […]

Why do business in China?

¿Porque hacer negocios con China?

It is a market with strong economic growth, great potential in human quality and low production costs. Also, its freedom to establish itself in the country makes it an undisputed attraction. China has signed bilateral investment agreements with more than 145 countries around the world. In recent years, China has improved its indicators of ease […]

What do you need to optimize the management of your company?

It is no secret that business process optimization aims to increase the company’s efficiency by making better use of available resources. Minimizing costs, maximizing performance and productivity. In this way it remains competitive, improving coverage against supply and demand adjustments. Operations with both current and new clients require investments, personnel, physical space, product management, inputs, […]