What are the advantages of settling in a Free Trade Zone?

Why settle in Zona Franca?

There is a special system for setting up and operating user companies with a free zone which is more beneficial than the common system.

What are the benefits of investing in a Free Trade Zone?

  • It allows commercial, industrial, and service activities.
  • It grants significant tax exemptions.
  • Logistic hub in the region.
  • It protects companies set up against possible changes, providing legal certainty and economic stability, as well as clear and stable rules for business.
  • Exoneration of social security contributions for foreign staff. Free movement of capital and return of utilities without legal restrictions or prior requirements.
  • There is no restriction on the movement of foreign currency, precious materials, bonds or any other type of commercial or financial paper.
  • The existing Free Zones regime in Uruguay offers extensive and important benefits.

Inside on the Free Zones, commercial, industrial, or service enterprises can be developed, with exemptions and tax exemptions.

Carlos Picos & Asociados is installed in Zonamerica (main Zona Franca Uruguay) as Direct User. We are experts in the management of the Free Zone Usage Companies, particularly regarding their constitution, administration, reform of statutes, capital increase, etc.

To facilitate and optimize the development of your business, we offer our clients the possibility to be Indirect Free Zone Users, by making available offices equipped with ready to be used.

Main advantages of operating in the Free Zone:

  • It reduces fixed costs.
  • Reduces infrastructure and installation costs.
  • Low of equipment costs.

Why choose our service:

In an agile and demanding business world, the locative solution is often a problem because it assumes high occupancy, maintenance, and equipment costs.

To minimize them, we propose an intelligent solution that suits your company’s needs, with the flexibility of setting up your own office and without long-term commitments.

Our proposal

Leasing of physical space – Workstation

This means that you will have one (1) job, in an office that can be shared with other companies. When you need a single job and do not require an entire office, this option will significantly reduce your costs. The physical space will be in an office with all the comforts, infrastructure, and resources necessary to develop your activity in the best way.

Leasing of the exclusive office for your company

We have offices of 9 mt2 and 12 m2 that can be rented for the exclusive use of your company. These offices have capacity for two and three jobs with all the above-mentioned amenities.

Carlos Picos & Asociados will provide you with the necessary professional advice and technical support in all the topics related to the installation and operation of your company in Zonamerica.


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