Payment of Salary and Payroll

At Carlos Picos Consultora, a dedicated and specialized team, supported by appropriate technological tools, provides the peace of mind to our clients of having a comprehensive pay and payroll management process.

We strive to maximize the efficiency of our clients, minimizing risks, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with labour regulations. We provide the necessary information and advice for correct decision-making.

Our service includes

  • Settlement of Wages
  • Staff entry (contracts, registrations)
  • Control of holding, discount, withholding and settlement
  • Consolidation of data for payment.
  • License management
  • Distribution of receipts
  • Management of Formal Obligations
  • Company payroll preparation for BPS
  • Preparation and updating of Work Plate and Single Workbook
  • Calculation and contribution to be paid to the BSE
  • High, low and modifications against BPS
  • Administration of additional profits of the company’s staff
  • Support in case of Controller Bodies Inspections
  • Lingle maintenance
  • Labor History Update
  • Information for accounting records
  • Report of contributions and conciliation Fonasa and Irpf


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