Sole Proprietorship

If you need to create or manage your sole proprietorship in Uruguay, our team can help you.

We manage all the procedures easily and quickly. We take care of the whole process, we will guide you and accompany you at all stages.

Our team of accountants and lawyers has the most extensive experience in tax, accounting and legal matters. You can delegate all formalities to the experts and focus on the commercial aspects of your business.

Unipersonales companies are widely used by Entrepreneurs or SMEs here some of their characteristics:

  • It is made very quickly
  • Enrolment has low cost
  • No minimum capital requirement at the beginning
  • The turn is very wide, you can do almost any activity.
  • A lower tax burden is available in compliance with certain regulations

Here are different types of sole proprietor companies, so we will check together the characteristics of your enterprise and advise you with the best option.

Unipersonal Company opening 

  • Legal and tax advice
  • Registration with DGI, BPS, MTSS.

Literal Business Management E.

  • Taxes settlement
  • Income Certificate
  • Statement of Juridate
  • Legal Advice and Personalized Tax 1 hour per month.

Income Certificate

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