What do you need to optimize the management of your company?

It is no secret that business process optimization aims to increase the company’s efficiency by making better use of available resources. Minimizing costs, maximizing performance and productivity. In this way it remains competitive, improving coverage against supply and demand adjustments.

Operations with both current and new clients require investments, personnel, physical space, product management, inputs, suppliers, communications, financing, insurance, payment of taxes, balance sheets and a long list of etc.

Some of the most important pillars of better management have to do with tax, financial and legal risk mitigation aspects.

To manage these elements every day it is more important to work with more information and analysis. Not only with the intuition that has guided many times for good or for bad business management. This information available and necessary for decision-making is increasingly complex and is often presented to us in a disorderly and non-hierarchical way.

What should we consider to optimize business processes? 

  • Identify the points to be addressed, clearly defining objectives and indicators. 
  • Analyze with the teams the different aspects, to design possible solutions, to plan considering the available and necessary resources. 
  • Implement and automate, maximizing the efficiency of processes. 
  • Formulate monitoring and reporting processes to achieve the desired objectives.
  • Always keep the global vision of the business present, to prioritize and prioritize the different elements to address and integrate the process. 
  • Consider the role of digital technologies, which are the basis of any improvement and automation process.
  •  Assume continuous improvement and change as something positive and functional.


The optimization of processes clearly improves the efficiency of an organization and allows to offer the necessary solutions to the clients, optimizing to the maximum the resources.

For this it is necessary to have a highly professional and efficient team to help us with the process. These teams must ensure that recommendations and analyses are presented in a practical, easy and useful way for proper decision-making.

In Carlos Picos Consultora we have a prestigious team of professionals specialized in legal, fiscal and tax matters, with vast experience and knowledge in these areas, which allows us to provide agile advice, from a broad vision, integrated and deep the diverse particular realities of our business customers. 


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